25.8.1 Profile Objects

Profile objects have the following methods:

addinfo( key, value)
Add an arbitrary labelled value to the profile output.

close( )
Close the logfile and terminate the profiler.

fileno( )
Return the file descriptor of the profiler's log file.

run( cmd)
Profile an exec-compatible string in the script environment. The globals from the __main__ module are used as both the globals and locals for the script.

runcall( func, *args, **keywords)
Profile a single call of a callable. Additional positional and keyword arguments may be passed along; the result of the call is returned, and exceptions are allowed to propagate cleanly, while ensuring that profiling is disabled on the way out.

runctx( cmd, globals, locals)
Evaluate an exec-compatible string in a specific environment. The string is compiled before profiling begins.

start( )
Start the profiler.

stop( )
Stop the profiler.

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