7.3.3 Exceptions

The following exception classes are defined in the mailbox module:

class Error( )
The based class for all other module-specific exceptions.

class NoSuchMailboxError( )
Raised when a mailbox is expected but is not found, such as when instantiating a Mailbox subclass with a path that does not exist (and with the create parameter set to False), or when opening a folder that does not exist.

class NotEmptyErrorError( )
Raised when a mailbox is not empty but is expected to be, such as when deleting a folder that contains messages.

class ExternalClashError( )
Raised when some mailbox-related condition beyond the control of the program causes it to be unable to proceed, such as when failing to acquire a lock that another program already holds a lock, or when a uniquely-generated file name already exists.

class FormatError( )
Raised when the data in a file cannot be parsed, such as when an MH instance attempts to read a corrupted .mh_sequences file.

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