5.2 e32calendar -- Access to calendar related services

Availability: S60.

The calendar module of the previous PyS60 releases has been renamed as e32calendar. For information on the usage of this module refer to Ensymble README.

The e32calendar module offers an API to calendar services. The e32calendar module represents a Symbian agenda database as a dictionary-like CalendarDb object, which contains Entry objects and which is indexed using the unique IDs of those objects. There are five types of entry objects: AppointmentEntry, EventEntry, AnniversaryEntry, ReminderEntry, and TodoEntry.

CalendarDb objects represent a live view into the database. If an entry is changed outside your Python application, the changes are visible immediately, and conversely any changes you commit into the database are visible immediately to other applications.

All time parameters use Unix time unless stated otherwise. For more information on Unix time, see Section , Date and Time.

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