2.1.2 Ao_lock Type

class Ao_lock( )
Creates an Ao_lock instance. A Symbian active object based synchronization service. This can be used in the main thread without blocking the handling of UI events. The application should not exit while a thread is waiting in Ao_lock. If Ao_lock.wait is called while another wait call is already in progress, an AssertionError is raised.

Instances of Ao_lock type have the following methods:

wait( )
If the lock has already been signaled, returns immediately. Otherwise blocks in wait for the lock to be signaled. Only one waiter is allowed, so you should avoid recursive calls to this service. wait can only be called in the thread that created the lock object. During the wait, other Symbian-active objects are being served, so the UI will not freeze. This may result in the UI callback code being run in the context of the thread that is waiting in Ao_lock. This must be considered when designing the application logic.

signal( )
Signals the lock. The waiter is released.

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