6.7 Logging

The Logging service allows Python applications to integrate logging functionality of S60 device. It is used to add, read, and delete logging events such as call logs, messaging logs, data logs, and so on in the device.

It also provides a simple interface to the application developer to add, read, and delete events occurring in the device.

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
msg_handle = scriptext.load('Service.Logging', 'IDataSource')

The following table summarizes the Logging Interface:

Service provider Service.Logging
Supported interfaces IDataSource

The following table lists the services available in Logging:

Services Description
Add 6.7.1 Adds a new event to the event log.
Getlist 6.7.2 Retrieves an event from the event log as specified by the input filter.
Delete 6.7.3 Deletes an event from the Event Log.
RequestNotification 6.7.4 Requests for notification for the updates occurring in the log.

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