8.1.2 Compiling the extension module


Place the Python for Series 60 SDK 3rdEd under the Symbian SDK installation directory, at the same level as the "epoc32" directory. Extract the SDK zip package here(On Windows if you have WinZip installed, right-click on the zip and in the menu select : 'Winzip->Extract to here')

Modify the mmp file to include "Location" capability while building for 3rdEdFp2 and higher devices. A script file build_all.cmd that does all the necessary steps (and some extra cleanup, just to be sure) has been provided for convenience. You can either use that or perform the build manually using these instructions.

Note: The "freeze" step needs to be done only when you add any function exports. After "freeze", just one "abld build gcce urel" or "abld build winscw udeb" will rebuild the code properly.

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