3.1.8 Icon Type

An instance of Icon type encapsulates an icon to be used together with a Listbox instance. Note that currently Icon can only be used with Listbox (see Section 3.1.7).

MBM is the native Symbian OS format used for pictures. It is a compressed file format where the files can contain several bitmaps and can be referred to by a number. An .mbg file is the header file usually associated with an .mbm file, which includes symbolic definitions for each bitmap in the file. For example, an avkon.mbm file has an associated index file called avkon.mbg, which is included in S60 SDKs. For more information on the MBM format and the bitmap converter tool, see [4] and search the topics with the key term "How to provide Icons"; this topic also points you to the Bitmap Converter tool that can be used for converting bitmaps into the MBM format.

class Icon( filename, bitmap, bitmapMask)
Creates an icon. filename is a Unicode file name and must include the whole path. Note that MBM is the only file formats supported. bitmap and bitmapMask are integers that represent the index of the icon and icon mask inside that file respectively.

Example: The following builds an icon with the standard signal symbol:

icon = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\resource\\apps\\avkon2.mbm", 28, 29)

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