Module Level Functions

List Channels
Function signature: list_channels

This returns a list of dictionaries containing all the available sensors on the device. The returned dictionary has the following format:

 {'id': channel id, 'type': channel type, 'name': channel name}

 {'id': channel id, 'type': channel type, 'name': channel name}


where, channel_id, channel_type, and channel_name have strings as values of the respective channels.

Query Logical Name
Function signature : get_logicalname(<DataLookupClass>, value)

This function can be used for querying the logical name based on value. The file sensor_defs.py has the mapping of different sensor properties to their respective hex/decimal values. The following table contains the sensor classes, supported by get_logicalname() and the respective data lookup classes.

Sensor Class DataLookupClass
ProximityMonitor ProximityState
OrientationData DeviceOrientation
AmbientLightData AmbientLightData
AccelerometerDoubleTappingData AccelerometerDirection

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