3.7 gles -- Bindings to OpenGL ES

Availability: S60.

The gles module provides Python bindings to OpenGL ES 2D/3D graphics C API. OpenGL ES is a standard defined by Khronos Group (www.khronos.org). Currently S60 Python supports OpenGL ES version 1.0 from Series 60 version 2.6 onwards. Support for OpenGL ES version 1.1 should also become available in the near future, and both versions are documented here. OpenGL ES 1.1 will require Series 60 version 3.0 or newer.

For detailed description of the OpenGL ES API see the official specifications at http://www.khronos.org/opengles. This documentation contains only information that is specific to the S60 Python bindings to OpenGL ES. Where possible, the conventions of the PyOpenGL desktop OpenGL bindings (http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net) have been followed.

The display of OpenGL ES graphics is handled by separate module, glcanvas. See glcanvas module documentation for more information.

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