6.5 Landmarks

The Landmark service enable run-time client applications to manage landmarks in a consistent manner, within a terminal. Landmarks can be stored in one or more databases within a terminal. You can manage landmarks and landmark categories within a database using this service.

A category is characteristic of a landmark. Categories denote a class of geographical or architectural interest, attraction or activity-related types of objects. Categorization is very useful when searching for landmarks by type. The classification of Landmark categories is as follows:

Landmarks and Categories are stored in landmark databases. The classifications of Landmark databases are as follows:

The Landmarks service provides the user facilities to access, create, add, delete, import, export, and organize landmarks.

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
landmark_handle = scriptext.load('Service.Landmarks', 'IDataSource')

The following table summarizes the Landmarks Interface:

Service provider Service.Landmarks
Supported interfaces IDataSource

The following table lists the services available in Landmarks:

Services Description
New 6.5.1 Get a template of landmark or category.
Getlist 6.5.2 Get a list of landmark databases, landmarks or landmark categories based on given criteria.
Add 6.5.3 Add or update a landmark and landmark category.
Delete 6.5.4 Delete a landmark and landmark category.
Import 6.5.5 Imports landmark(s).
Export 6.5.6 Launches application based on the Document.
Organise 6.5.7 Associate or disassociate a landmark category with a set of landmarks.

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