6. scriptext - Platform Service API Usage from Python runtime

scriptext -- Platform Service API usage from Python runtime

Availability: S60.

Platform Service API Overview

This section describes the basic principles for using Platform Service APIs from Python. The S60 Service APIs were introduced in the S60 5th Edition and back ported to S60 3rd edition FP2 platform. Platform Service APIs are a set of language-independent APIs integrated into S60 runtimes including Python, Flash and Web Runtime. Future S60 versions may support additional runtimes. S60 added Python binding for integrating Platform Service APIs into Python Runtime.

Note: The service is available from 'S60 third edition FP2 and later'.

The following steps describe how to use Service APIs from Python Runtime:

Service Objects and Interfaces
For using Platform Service API, a service handle needs to be created. Each Service API has a service provider name and it can support one or more interfaces. A service handle can be instantiated by specify the service provider and interface name. Each service provider supports one or more interfaces.

Note: Interfaces define a set of common methods for service objects.

For example, the location Service API supports ILocation interface. The ILocation interface defines a GetLocation method to retrieve the current location of the device.

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