6.6 Location

The Location Service enables Python applications to retrieve information on the physical location of an S60 device. It also enables to perform calculations based on location information.

For the location services to function in S60 device, the device must be location aware. It must include some location information provider, that is, a positioning system in the form of GPS, AGPS, or Bluetooth.

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
location_handle = scriptext.load('Service.Location', 'ILocation')

The following table summarizes the Location Interface:

Service provider Service.Location
Supported interfaces ILocation

The following table lists the services available in Application Manager:

Services Description
GetList 6.6.1 Retrieves the current location of the user.
Trace 6.6.2 Informs the consumer of any change in current location.
CancelNotification 6.6.3 Cancels the registered listeners with the service provider.
MathOperations 6.6.4 Performs specific calculations on user provided data.

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