6.10 Sensors

The Sensor service enables access to the various methods provided by S60 sensor channel subsystem. provides abstraction of various physical sensors that exist in the device. You can map data from one physical sensor to several channels. These include the following:

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
sensor_handle = scriptext.load('Service.Sensor', 'ISensor')

The following table summarizes the Sensor Interface:

Service provider Service.Sensor
Supported interfaces ISensor

The following table lists the services available in Sensor:

Services Description
FindSensorChannel 6.10.1 Searches for sensor channels in the device based on a given search criteria.
RegisterForNotification 6.10.2 Registers for notification with a sensor channel to receive channel data.
GetChannelProperty 6.10.3 Gets the channel property of the specified sensor channel.

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