3.1.11 InfoPopup Type

An instance of InfoPopup type encapsulates an UI tip widget. This widget can be placed on top of other widgets to provide e.g. usage information to the user. The widget disappears as soon as the device's user presses any key or when the timer behind the InfoPopup is triggered.

class InfoPopup( )
Creates an InfoPopup.

show( text, [(x_coord, y_coord), time_shown, time_before, alignment])
Show text (Unicode) in the InfoPopup. The optional parameters are the location (a tuple from the upper left corner), the time the popup is visible, time_shown (in milliseconds), the time before the popup, time_before (in milliseconds) and the alignment of the popup.

The default values are: the coordinates (0, 0), time_shown 5 seconds, time_before 0 seconds and for the alignment appuifw.EHLeftVTop.

The alignment can be one of the constants defined in module appuifw3.2:

Object is left and top aligned.

Object is left aligned and centred vertically.

Object is left aligned and at the bottom.

Object is centre aligned horizontally and at the top.

Object is centred horizontally and vertically.

Object is centred horizontally and at the bottom.

Object is right and top aligned.

Object is right aligned and centred vertically.

Object is right aligned and at the bottom.

hide( )
Hides the popup immediately.


>>> import appuifw
>>> i=appuifw.InfoPopup()
>>> i.show(u"Here is the tip.", (0, 0), 5000, 0, appuifw.EHRightVCenter)


Descriptions of the values are from the S60 SDK documentation [4].
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