3.9.2 Module for devices that support S60 Sensor FrameWork

The Python S60 sensor module supports access of sensors on the devices that have S60 Sensor Framework libraries. The S60 Sensor Framework is introduced in S60 Fifth Edition. It is also backported to S60 Third Edition, Feature Pack 2 for some mobile devices and to the Nokia E66 device, which is an S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 device with sensor APIs based on the S60 Sensor Framework.

The sensor module offers direct access to physical sensors of a device. The following sensor channels are supported by the sensor module, provided the device supports them:

The following table lists the sensors available on different S60 devices:

Accelerometer double tap Accelerometer XYZ Orientation Rotation Ambient light Magnetic north Proximity monitor Magnetometer XYZ S60 platform
N85 x x x x NA NA NA NA 3rdFP2
E66 x x x x NA NA NA NA 3rdFP1
N96 x x x x NA NA NA NA 3rdFP2
E75 x x x x NA NA NA NA 3rdFP2
6720 NA x x NA x x NA NA 3rdFP2
5800 x x x x x NA x NA 5thEd
6210 x x x x NA x NA x 3rdFP2
6710 x x x x NA x NA x 3rdFP2
E55 x x NA x x x NA x 3rdFP2

These sensors are mapped to a class using which the sensor channel data can be accessed. To access a particular sensor data, an object of the respective class is created. Then the data callback function can be set using the set_callback() method. To start and stop receiving updates the start_listening() and stop_listening() methods can be used.

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