6.3.7 Key Values

Calendar Entry

Fields applicable for a particular 'Type' of entry are mentioned in Add Section, all other fields are ignored.

Table 6.56: Key value- Calendar Entry
Key Description
Type Specifies whether the entry is a meeting, to-do item, reminder, event or anniversary.
CalendarName Specifies Calendar Name. It must be given in the format Drivexxx:Filenamexxx.
Summary Holds the summary for the calendar entry.
SeqNum Holds the sequence number for the calendar entry, used in group scheduling. The default value is 0.
StartTime Holds the start time for the calendar entry.
EndTime Holds the end time for the calendar entry.
Replication Specifies replication status of the entry
Open: No restriction on access, this is the default value.
Private: Data is private, no access.
Restricted: Data is confidential, restricted access.
Method The method property of an entry (only for ICalendar entry).
None: This is the default value if not specified.
Description Holds the description for the calendar entry.
Priority Specifies the priority for the calendar entry (range is 0-255, default value is 0).
AlarmTime Holds the alarm time for the calendar entry, must be before StartTime entry. For entry type ToDo, it must be before EndTime.
Location Holds the location name for an entry of type Meeting.
Status Specifies the status for the calendar entry.
NullStatus: This is the default value, if not specified.
RepeatDates Contains a list of out-of-sequence dates on which the calendar entry repeats.
ExDates Contains a list of exception dates that is, occurrences in the original schedule that have been removed and may be replaced with a different occurrence.
PhoneOwner Holds the details of the phone owner.
Organizer Holds the organizer information, applicable for an entry of type Meeting.
Attendees Holds the attendee information, applicable for an entry of type Meeting. For more information, see Attendee structure.
RepeatRule Contains name-value pairs. For more information, see Repeat Rule Structure.

Repeat Rule Structure

Most the fields in the following table are applicable for specific 'Type'.

Table 6.57: Key value- Repeat Rule Structure
Key Type Description
Type int Specifies the type of repeat rule:
[StartDate] datetime Start Time. If not specified Entry StartTime is taken.
[UntilDate] datetime Holds the end date until which this entry will repeat.
[Interval] int Specifies the interval between instances of a repeating entry.
[DaysInWeek] List List of integers. Specifies on what days of the week the rule must repeat. Values are 0(Monday) to 6(Sunday).
[MonthDays] List List of integers. Specifies on what days of the month (0-30) the rule must repeat.
[DaysOfMonth] List List of maps each having the format:
Day (0 - 6): 32 bit int
WeekNum: 32 bit int
[Month] int Specifies the month for a yearly repeat rule. Values are 0(January) to 11(December).


Attendee Structure

Most the fields in the following table are applicable for specific 'Type'.

Table 6.58: Key value- Attendee Structure
Key Type Description
[CommonName] string Holds the common name for group scheduling.
[Role] string Specifies the role of a meeting participant. The possible values are:
The default value is Required.
Address string Specifies the email address of a meeting participant.
[Status] string Specifies the status of an attendee. The possible values are:
The default value is NeedsAction
[Rsvp] Boolean Specifies whether or not a response is requested for this attendee. Default value is 0(False).

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