6.4 Contacts

The Contacts service enables Python applications to access and manage contacts information. This information can reside in one or more contacts databases stored on a device or, in the SIM card database.
It enables applications to perform the following operations on the Contacts Database:

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
contact_handle = scriptext.load('Service.Contact', 'IDataSource')

The following table summarizes the Contacts Interface:

Service provider Service.Contact
Supported interfaces IDataSource

The following table lists the services available in Calendar:

Services Description
GetList 6.4.1 Retrieves a list of contacts or groups in the default or specified database, also used to get the list of existing databases.
Add 6.4.2 Adds contact or group to the specified or default contacts database.
Delete 6.4.3 Deletes an array of contacts or groups from the specified or default contacts database.
Import 6.4.4 Imports contact to the specified contacts database.
Export 6.4.5 Exports the selected item from the contacts database specified as VCard.
Organise 6.4.6 Associate or Disassociate a list of contacts in a database to and from a group.

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