6.11 Sys Info

The SysInfo service provides Read or Write access to system information of a terminal. SysInfo service allows registering to system events identified by System Attributes (SAs). Some of the SAs are modifiable and supports notifications.

An Object with an entity and a key represents a System Attribute. An entity broadly represents a component in the device. A key is an attribute of an entity. For example, battery is an entity where, ChargingStatus, BatteryStrength, and BatteryLevel are the Keys of the entity.

The following sample code is used to load the provider:

import scriptext
msg_handle = scriptext.load('Service.SysInfo', 'ISysInfo')

The following table summarizes the SysInfo Interface:

Service provider Service.SysInfo
Supported interfaces ISysInfo

The following table lists the services available in SysInfo:

Services Description
GetInfo 6.11.1 Reads system attributes value.
SetInfo 6.11.2 Modifies system attributes value.
GetNotification 6.11.3 Register for notifications.

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